Townscapes: Pride in Place

The Townscapes series at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy brings together a variety of different data sources to offer a deeper analysis of how towns are faring across the regions and nations of Great Britain. It aims to step away from the oversimplification and dogma that features in much of the contemporary policy debate, offering instead a more finely grained picture of how different towns relate to their wider regions and nations, as well as their nearest cities. It demonstrates the merits of a more granular and regionally rooted perspective for the understanding of geographical inequalities and the kinds of policy needed to address them. In our Townscapes reports, we argue that policymakers need to consider multiple town categorisations, to get beneath the generalisations that have become so dominant in this debate such as ‘university’, ‘coastal’, or ‘post-industrial’ towns.

In this report, we examine two of the most important ideas that emerged in the UK Government’s Levelling Up White Paper, published in early 2022, as well as in the wider debate: specifically, the idea that in many left-behind towns and communities there is a diminishing sense of local pride, and the contention that tackling this deficit is integral to the challenge of improving the social and economic prospects of these places.

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