From Flagships to Flotillas: The Emerging Practice of Participative Cultural Placemaking

This paper therefore calls for participative creativity to be put at the heart of future regeneration and placemaking, and sets out some initial recommendations for property developers, creative institutions and policy makers—at local and national level—to enable it to happen more systematically.

The report builds on the University’s experience and learnings from 3 major London regeneration projects: Granary Square at King’s Cross, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, and the Town Centre at Elephant and Castle. It argues that the traditional approach of using flagship cultural buildings as catalysts for development often misses the opportunity to generate broader cultural value and can inadvertently contribute to gentrification and displacement.

Instead, the authors advocate for a more inclusive and participatory model of cultural placemaking. This model engages local communities directly in the creative process, ensuring the benefits of regeneration are felt more widely and sustainably. Crucially, this form of regeneration requires a collaborative effort from cross-sector partners who contribute resources and attention to the efforts.

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