Community businesses and High Streets: ‘taking back’ and leading forward

This report takes a strategic look at the role community businesses can play in addressing the challenges of UK high streets. It considers how community businesses can succeed in high streets, what they can contribute, and what support they need to make a long-term difference to restore ‘pride in place’ in struggling town centres. The research, undertaken in spring 2022, was guided by three questions: • How can community businesses succeed in high street contexts? • How can community businesses contribute to high street regeneration? • What is the strategic potential of support for community businesses in high streets? High streets are defined in this paper as places that are at the centre of their communities in three ways. Physically, they consist of a (usually) central cluster of buildings and public spaces. Economically, they contain a mix of activities that generate work and income and provide services for a wider community. Socially, they are a focus for people to gather for work, leisure or because they live there.

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Categories: Community, Economic Growth, High Streets
Tags: Power to Change, Sheffield Hallam University
Author: Julian Dobson
Community Businesses and High Streets: taking back and leading forward
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