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Children and Town Planning: Creating Places to Grow, , , education-and-skills planning-2 policy-and-advocacy pride-in-placertpi2021
Cultural Learning Alliance: Report Card 2024, education-and-skills policy-and-advocacycultural-learning-alliance2024
Research Digest: Culture and Placemaking, , , , cultural-engagement economic-growth planning-2 policy-and-advocacy pride-in-placecentre-for-cultural-value2024
UK Arts, Culture and Heritage Audiences and Workforce, , , , cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills heritage policy-and-advocacycreative-pec2024
Keeping the UK’s creative industries competitive, , economic-growth policy-and-advocacyerskine-analysis ual2024
Our Creative Future: The Manifesto, , , cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills policy-and-advocacycreative-uk2024
Cornerstones of Culture: Commission on Culture and Local Government, , cultural-engagement economic-growth policy-and-advocacylga-local-government-association2023
Cultural Strategies and Futures, cultural-engagement policy-and-advocacyuniversity-of-southampton2024
Place Partnerships, , , capital-development community economic-growth planning-2high-streets-task-force2024
Homes England – Measuring Social Value Paper 1: Measuring the placemaking impacts of housing-led regeneration, , , capital-development economic-growth impact planning-2homes-england-amion-consulting2023
Main report for the Participation Survey (April 2022 to March 2023), community cultural-engagementdepartment-for-culture-media-and-sport-dcms2023
Understanding the potential impact of The Factory on public engagement, , , capital-development community cultural-engagement economic-growththe-audience-agency2016
Understanding the potential impact of The Factory on public engagement (Additional Analysis), , , capital-development community cultural-engagement economic-growththe-audience-agency2016
Business Improvement Districts: A systematic review of an urban governance model towards city centre revitalisation, , , capital-development economic-growth planning-2 policy-and-advocacyuniversidade-de-lisboa2021
People, Culture, Place: The role of culture in placemaking, , , , , , , capital-development community cultural-engagement economic-growth planning-2 policy-and-advocacy pride-in-placeccloa lga-local-government-association2017
Streets Ahead: How small businesses are saving the High Street, economic-growth high_streetsfederation-of-small-businesses-fsb2020
Community businesses and High Streets: ‘taking back’ and leading forward, , , community economic-growth high_streetspower-to-change sheffield-hallam-university2022
Design Economy: People, Places and Economic Value, , economic-growth education-and-skills policy-and-advocacydesign-council2022
The Role of ‘Place’ in Collaborations Between HEIs and the Arts and Cultural Sectoreducation-and-skillsnational-centre-for-academic-and-cultural-exchange-ncace2021
NCACE Action Research Report: Skills and Capacity for Knowledge Exchange with the Arts and Cultural Sector, cultural-engagement education-and-skillsnational-centre-for-academic-and-cultural-exchange-ncace2021
Knowledge Exchange, HEIs and the Arts and Culture Sector: A systematic review of literature in the field, cultural-engagement education-and-skillsnational-centre-for-academic-and-cultural-exchange-ncace2021
Narrating Cultural Knowledge Exchange: Stories and perspectives from Knowledge Exchange professionals working in Higher Education in the UKeducation-and-skillsnational-centre-for-academic-and-cultural-exchange-ncace2022
Transforming places through heritage programme: Heritage Development Trusts interim progress report, , , , , , capital-development community cultural-engagement economic-growth heritage pride-in-placearchitectural-heritage-fund-ahf dcms2022
EY Attractiveness Survey: How will Europe compete for investment amid ongoing turbulence?, , economic-growth education-and-skills policy-and-advocacyernst-young-ey2022
Do creative industries generate multiplier effects? Evidence from UK Cities 1997-2018 (Discussion Paper), , , , , economic-growth impact policy-and-advocacycity-redi creative-pec university-college-london university-of-birmingham2021
DCMS Rapid Evidence Assessment: Culture and Heritage Valuation Studies (Technical Report), , , , , , capital-development cultural-engagement economic-growth heritage policy-and-advocacydcms jacobs simetrica2020
Cultural Brokerage and Creative Clusters, , cultural-engagement economic-growth policy-and-advocacy2021
Creative Radar 2021: The impact of Covid-19 on the UK’s creative industries, economic-growth impactcreative-pec2021
Creative Places: Growing the creative industries across the UK (Briefing Note), , economic-growth education-and-skills policy-and-advocacycreative-pec2021
The UK Creative Industries – Unleashing the power and potential of creativity, , , , cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills impact policy-and-advocacycreative-uk2021
Affordable Workspace: A solution, not a problem (Briefing Note), , , capital-development economic-growth planning-2british-council-for-offices-bco savills2021
Meta-evaluation of Arts Council England funded place-based programmes, , , , , , , capital-development cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills impact planning-2 pride-in-placearts-council-england shared-intelligence2021
Pioneering Places: Levelling up communities through and heritage-led regeneration, , , , , , cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills heritage planning-2arts-council-england creative-folkestone heritage-fund2021
Creative Health and Wellbeinghealth_and_wellbeingarts-council-england2022
No Place Left Behind: The commission into prosperity and community placemaking, , , , , cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills planning-2 policy-and-advocacy pride-in-placecreate-streets-foundation2021
Creative Places Create Value: The impact of creative workspaces on local residential property, , , , , , , capital-development economic-growth high_streets planning-2 policy-and-advocacy pride-in-placecreative-estuary creative-land-trust get-living2021
Planning for post COVID cities, , , , , capital-development covid-19 economic-growth high_streets planning-2 policy-and-advocacyrtpi2020
Valuing Culture and Heritage Capital: A framework towards informing decision making, , , , , capital-development economic-growth heritage impact policy-and-advocacydcms uk-government2021
Heritage and the value of place, , , , economic-growth heritage planning-2historic-england jacobs simetrica2021
A Shared Recovery, , economic-growth innovationarcadis uk-innovation-corridor2021
The future of towns and cities post COVID-19, , , , , capital-development covid-19 economic-growth education-and-skills high_streets regenkpmg2021
Cities Outlook 2021economic-growthcentre-for-cities2021
Pride in place: The RSA Heritage Index 2020, heritageheritage-fund rsa2020
The role of arts in improving health and wellbeing, , , cultural-engagement health_and_wellbeing policy-and-advocacydcms uk-government2020
Evolution and trends of creative cluster research: A systematic literature review and future research agenda, economic-growth policy-and-advocacycreative-pec2020
Internal migration and social mobility – moving out to move on, policy-and-advocacysocial-mobility-commission uk-government2020
Inspiring Creativity – Heritage and the Creative Industries, cultural-engagement heritagethe-heritage-alliance2019
The Grimsey Review 2 – Reshaping Our Town Centres, , , , , capital-development community economic-growth high_streets planning-2 pride-in-placebill-grimsey2018
Planning for the Future (White Paper – August 2020), , , , capital-development economic-growth planning-2 policy-and-advocacydluhc uk-government2020
Heritage for Inclusive Growth – RSA, , economic-growth heritagebritish-council rsa2020
Towards a National Prospectus for the Creative Economy in the South East, , economic-growth education-and-skills policy-and-advocacyselep2018
Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission, , capital-development economic-growththames-estuary-growth-commission uk-government2018
Industrial Strategy – Creative Industries Sector Deal, , economic-growth education-and-skills policy-and-advocacybeis2018
Creative places – supporting your local creative economy, , , capital-development community economic-growth pride-in-placelga-local-government-association2020
The Creative Bureaucracy, , community cultural-engagement policy-and-advocacycomedia2017
The Grimsey Review – An Alternative Future for the High Street, , , , capital-development economic-growth high_streets planning-2 pride-in-placebill-grimsey2016
Evidence review – Area Based Initatives, economic-growth policy-and-advocacywhat-works-centre-for-local-economic-growth2016
Evidence review | Apprenticeshipseducation-and-skillswhat-works-centre-for-local-economic-growth2015
Great Place Scheme (England), Year Two Evaluation Report, , , , , , , , , capital-development cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills heritage impact planning-2 pride-in-placearts-council-england bop-consulting heritage-fund2019
Value of arts and culture in place-shaping | Arts Council England, , , , , , capital-development cultural-engagement economic-growth planning-2 policy-and-advocacy pride-in-placearts-council-england wavehill2019
Arts Council England Strategy 2020-30: Let’s Create, , , , , cultural-engagement cultural_strategy economic-growth education-and-skills health_and_wellbeing policy-and-advocacyarts-council-england2020
Living with beauty: report of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission, , , , , capital-development high_streets planning-2 policy-and-advocacy pride-in-placebuilding-better-building-beautiful-commission uk-government2020
Creativity and the future of skillseducation-and-skillscreative-pec2018
The Changing Spatial Distribution of Employment in Creative Industry Clusters in England, 1991-2018, , , , , economic-growth education-and-skills policy-and-advocacybfi creative-england creative-pec national-lottery2019
The Importance of a UK-wide recovery plan for the creative industries, , covid-19 economic-growth policy-and-advocacycreative-pec2020
Participatory arts, sport, physical activity & loneliness: the role of space and place, , , , , community cultural-engagement health_and_wellbeing planning-2 policy-and-advocacybrunel-university what-works-centre-for-wellbeing2020
The future of seaside towns, , economic-growth policy-and-advocacyhouse-of-lords-select-committee uk-government2019
Creative High Streets, , , , , economic-growth high_streets planning-2 pride-in-placearts-council-england selep we-made-that2022
Mapping and examining the determinants of England’s rural creative microclusters, , , economic-growth policy-and-advocacy ruralcreative-pec nicre2022
Levelling Up White Paper, , , , , , , , capital-development cultural-engagement economic-growth education-and-skills heritage impact planning-2 policy-and-advocacydluhc uk-government2022
Outside the Conventional and into the Mainstream: Arts in Public Space in England, , , community cultural-engagement planning-2 pride-in-place101-outdoor-arts2022
Culture in Crisis: Impacts of Covid-19 on the UK cultural sector and where we go from here, covid-19 recoverycentre-for-cultural-value2022
A First Look at Connections Between the Presence of Creative Industries and the Wider Urban Economy (2020), , , capital-development economic-growth impact policy-and-advocacycreative-pec2020