What is Cultural Placemaking?

Cultural placemaking emphasises the role of culture, creativity, heritage assets, and innovative practice in making places more liveable. Sometimes called creative placemaking, the approach includes ideas like using local heritage and authentic stories to bring places alive, creative practitioners and partners as part of the planning, and encourages people to celebrate the distinctiveness of places.

What makes a ‘space’ a ‘place?’

A space is defined by its geographical or physical boundaries – natural borders, city limits, political wards or the four walls of a building, for example. 

So what turns a space into a place? Partly, it’s about how everything fits together within that space – physical infrastructure, transport networks, social infrastructure, communities, activities, the natural environment and what makes that space liveable. Crucially, it’s also about how people and their experiences help shape that place, interact with it and add meaning to it. It’s about the stories we create in those spaces and the stories we tell about it. 

In short, Place = Space + Meaning.

The role of culture in place

Quality of life is invariably improved by access to culture, whether it is provided by performing arts venues, cinemas, libraries, heritage settings or museums, or any other creative space. Similarly, cultural activities and events can help tell stories about place, celebrate pride in place and create a shared sense of belonging to a place. 

So if Place = Space + Meaning, culture has a crucial role in helping shape, enhance or share that meaning. 

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