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The Future Views workshop was commissioned by Artswork to engage young people and adults in a shared conversation to imagine a thriving, creative future for their local area. The session usually begins by exploring barriers that prevent young people from living creative and cultural lives, before imagining what this might mean in the near future. Together the participants discuss ways that creativity and local actions might help overcome these barriers, and the skills, values and attitudes needed to thrive.

In Dover the session was run with a group of 60 to 70 people with an interest in Fort Burgoyne and the future of Dover. Participants were seated at tables of between 8 and 10 people, and asked to consider the creative and cultural needs of local young people as they discussed the future of Fort Burgoyne. The majority were adults, with some participants in their early 20s.

See appendix for full invite list.

This report outlines the main discussions that took place during this workshop, and the responses gathered from the room.

Click to download the Dover Future Views report

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